Legally Eliminate Your Debts



  • Only pay on debts settled *Lowest market rate
  • Flux Flex Lending *6.9% + interest rate
  • 1% Cash Back towards a Visa Secured Credit Card
  • No hidden fees

“Flux Credit reduced my monthly payments and got me out of debt in just 18 months. Best part, I now have a new Visa and a Savings account of $1,200!”

Flux Prime was designed by our team of industry veterans as the best solution in America to become debt free. Our all-inclusive program eliminates your debts and perfects your credit. Clients will earn cash back, which is allotted towards a VISA secured credit card opened in their name and backed by an FDIC Insured Savings Account. Clients should expect their credit issues to be fully resolved five to ten years sooner and two to three times less expensive by using Flux versus making their minimal payment only to their creditors. Through our proprietary technology-driven process, we beat the competition and eliminate your debt(s) at the lowest market rate. We offer a free analysis of your credit circumstance and design a program that is right for you. We will never run your credit or share your personal information with any third party, ever! Payments are only accepted once our clients agree to a written proposal. Every day we help our clients avoid bankruptcy, while getting the fresh start they are legally promised under US law. Your decision to start Flux Prime today could save you tens of thousands of dollars and a lifetime of stress. We look forward to showing you why we are the #1 Bankruptcy Alternative in America!


Quick Sign Up

Sign up in less than a minute! Flux Credit can settle most debts, including credit cards, personal loans/lines of credit, medical bills, collections, repossessions, business debts & certain student debts.

24/7 Digital Dashboard

Access your account details 24/7 on FluxCredit.com

Personal Concierge

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. You may communicate with your Personal Concierge 24/7, by phone, chat, text, email and web. We’re here to keep more money in your wallet and less money paid towards interest, so you can enjoy the flux lifestyle. You’ll have a financial advisor on call to point you & your family in the right direction during future financial decisions.

Flux Flex Lending - 6.9% APR

Over the years, we’ve learned that clients who are going through financial hardship sometimes default on the settlement terms reached with their creditors. Clients are at a loss because the creditors are not obligated to renew their offers. Fortunately, Flux Flex is there when you need it! For this reason, Flux Credit has a higher success rate than the competition. With Flex, our clients can reduce their monthly payment and we will finance the difference at 6.9% APR, to ensure that your agreement does not go null and void. The alternative to Flux is to seek a loan from a hard money lender at a rate of 20%-30%, or even higher. Not only are these rates outrageous, there is no forgiveness and they run your credit, with no guarantee of approval. Compared with Flux Credit, once you are our client, you are automatically approved for Flex, and we never run your credit! Taking on one loan to pay off another simply doesn’t make sense. Keep more money in your pocket while eliminating your debts & perfecting your credit, with Flux Credit.

Visa Secured Credit Card

Living without a credit card in this economy is difficult. For example, have you tried renting a car with only a debit card? Unfortunately, you may not be approved for the rental, but if you are, they will likely place a minimum hold of at least $500 on your account and this may not be released for up to two weeks after you return the car. If your cashflow is tight, this could lead to bounced checks and bank fees. Fortunately, most Flux Credit clients will be approved for the VISA card, regardless of their credit score and even if they have previously filed bankruptcy. The VISA card is backed by an FDIC Insured Savings account opened in your name. Best of all, this will report positively on your revolving credit, regardless if you use the card or not. By boosting your credit score and satisfying your old debt, your credit score will improve over time. This is just another example as to why Flux Credit is quickly becoming the industry leader

1% Cash Back

Cash out your debts… With Flux Prime, our clients earn 1% cashback on all settlement payments made. These funds are allocated towards a secured credit card, opened in your name, with monthly reporting to the credit agencies. Essentially, you are cashing out your old debt, while re-establishing your credit! We call this; Your Finances… Reinvented!

Zero Risk

Our clients always have 100% say with their finances. You pay nothing until YOU approve your settlement. Cancel At Any Time.

No Fees, Ever

We’ll never charge you a late fee or increase your interest rate and there is no prepayment penalty if you can complete your settlement sooner.