Perfect Your Credit Score



  • Credit Repair & Monitoring *FICO/Vantage 3.0 Credit Score
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Attorney Representation
  • Tax Defense & Preparation
  • 1.5% Cash Back *Towards a Visa secured credit card

“This was the best decision I’ve ever made. My life is finally on track!”

Your credit is constantly in flux. Did you know that you may have negative or erroneous marks reported on your credit that could simply be removed by taking the appropriate actions? However, demanding your creditors resolve the matter with you directly is a tedious & frustrating task. Fortunately, Flux Plus is here to help! Originally created for our Flux Prime clients, Plus is now available as a stand-alone monthly service for those who don’t need to eliminate debts but would like to perfect their FICO/VANTAGE 3.0 Credit Score.

Additionally, Flux Prime clients can utilize Plus as an added extension of their debt elimination program & receive our credit repair & monitoring service, consolidation, additional 1.5% cash back, attorney representation on enrolled debts, a tax specialist that will prepare, sign off & maximize your tax returns & no transaction fees.


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24/7 Digital Dashboard

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Personal Concierge

Our team is here to help you every step of the way. You may communicate with your Personal Concierge 24/7, by phone, chat, text, email and web. We’re here to keep more money in your wallet and less money paid towards interest, so you can enjoy the flux lifestyle. You’ll have a financial advisor on call to point you & your family in the right direction during future financial decisions.

Credit Repair & Monitoring Service

Due to recent data breaches, we monitor our clients identities for potential threats that could adversely impact their credit. This is done without making any credit inquiry. By reviewing and disputing any inaccurate, obsolete or erroneous marks, your credit score will rebound to maximize your financial opportunities.

Tax Defense

Clients enrolled in Flux Plus may submit their tax forms to our CPA’s, who will prepare and sign off their tax return. There are many online sites that offer free tax service, however, if the IRS notices any red flags, you may be audited and on the hook. With Flux Plus, not only do we offer you full protection, but we maximize your return with our tax professionals. Some clients, especially business owners, may run into more complicated tax issues. With our Tax Defense strategy, we help our clients avoid penalties, interest, liens and levies.



Clients have the option to enroll their fixed monthly expenses, such as but not limited to rent/mortgage, car payments and insurance. This offers one convenient monthly payment to help budget and ensure that you are never late on a payment again. In some cases we may be able to reduce your interest rate and monthly payment.

1.5% Cash Back

Cash out your debts… With Flux Plus, our clients earn 1.5% cash back on all settlement payments made. These funds are allocated to a secured credit card, opened in your name, with monthly reporting to the credit agencies. Essentially, you are cashing out your old debt, while re-establishing your credit! We call this; Your Finances… Reinvented!

Attorney Representation

In some cases your creditor may file litigation to secure a judgment against you. However, clients enrolled in Flux Plus will have legal representation, that will file an answer in the local jurisdiction. Flux Plus clients will not be responsible for any additional attorney fees and our network of attorneys will take on the case to negotiate on behalf of our clients.